Timber alternative windows

The uPVC Heritage Flush Sash is designed to replicate traditional flush casement windows that would normally be made from wood. It uses a patented frame joint method to create really authentic looking square butt joints, and those mortise and tenon looks that you would see on traditional period windows. It has been accepted for use in conservation areas like The Cotswolds.


As it has a minimal understated look, it looks really great in modern and new build homes too. The flush external appearance comes in a range of colours suited to period and contemporary buildings. Internally, it has a sculptured ovolo detail in the same way as other uPVC windows. They are the modern and energy efficient version of a traditional design.

Tradition and technology


Normally, uPVC windows like Aluplast and Kommerling would have been fabricated with mitred and diagonally welded frames, visible on the frame externally. That is simply the modern way of making a window, however not all building are suited to these modern systems, and it can be important to preserve the look of the windows that you are replacing.


The Timberlook window does exactly this – it is manufactured in a different way. They are handbuilt with a patented joint that leaves a square-cut looking join, or butt-joint effect. They are still made from energy-efficient materials and suitable for modern living.

Wooden windows are undoubtedly more expensive than the timber effect PVCu alternative, and the heritage flush sash does not need any of the same maintenance required by real timber.


Whats more, the Timberlook range also includes a new Flush Door that complements the look of the window frame. There is now an ideal solution to the problem of replacing otherwise beautiful wooden windows. When you need a thermally efficient window, without any of the hassle and maintenance, look no further.



Timberlook colours


The Timberlook range includes some beautiful period and modern colours, so there is something for every type of project. We like the Painswick on white woodgrain combination, but you can have a single or dual colour combination of your choice.


There are wood effect foils that include rosewood and also oak colours, for a really authentic timber look.

New Flush Door System


A Flush Door System to complement not just this window system, but any project that requires an attractive French door set.


It differs a bit from the look of the heritage Flush Sash window, as there remains a discreet diagonal weld. It’s necessary to support larger glass unit sizes in a door, over those in a window. It doesn’t take away from the overall look and feel of the system, and what it’s intended for.


All doors are open out, and can be fitted with the same astragal bars as windows too. Taller apertures may have a fanlight. Available in all the same colours and finishes.

Furniture & Hardware


The flush windows can come with standard handles and furniture, like our other brands, but there is also a premium range of ironmongery-style furniture.


There is a monkey-tail handle (pictured here) and a teardrop handle, shown in an antique black finish, and also dummy stays to match.


They are all available in a choice of finishes and feature built-in security like key-locking handles, sash locks, and child safety restrictors.

Timberlook Flush Sash Features

  • Patented Timberweld Jointing
  • Authentic Heritage Features
  • Mortise & Tenon Looks
  • Timber Effect Woodgrain Foils
  • Range of Period and Modern Colours
  • Heritage Furniture and Hardware
  • Deep bottom Rail Option
  • Slim Astragal ‘Cottage Bar’
  • PAS24 & Doc Q Available
  • Can be accepted in Conservation Areas
  • Radlington Cill